The Survival of Life published by OntosScience, July 2023

This book is about the purpose of life, survival, particularly human life. Science and most religions predict that human life as we know it will cease. Science predicts this will occur in about one billion years when the sun expands enough to produce the ultimate global warming. Religions predict this will occur at the eschaton when humans will be judged, destroyed, or transformed.

Studies of history, anthropology, and paleontology show that human life has emerged from a pattern of continual development in complexity and sophistication of nature indicating design and purpose. We do not really know; however, we seem to have within us somewhere an innate need to pursue such deep questions of life.

For our ancient ancestors life was difficult and their survival depended on formulating acceptable answers to these deep questions that fostered sustenance. These answers formed religions and ideologies that continue to dominate societies. These answers now conflict with modern experiences and research findings and need updating. If our media, politicians, educators, and leaders emphasized pursuit of these deep questions instead of their current emphasis on consumerism, power, and self-interest, most of the world’s problems would be alleviated. Violence, conflict, and dissatisfaction would be replaced with cooperation, helpfulness, and well-being.

Survival of Life was released July 2023 and is now available from all major book outlets such as (click on these names): Amazon, Barns and Noble, ThriftBooks, Books-A-Million.


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