Great Paradox

Throughout known history humans have formed explanations for their existence. Before science provided natural explanations, supernatural ones developed. These included beliefs in supernatural powers laying the foundations for religions that have dominated societies ever since, have provided many benefits and influenced development of civilization. Unfortunately, these benefits are now being lost because modern experiences and research findings have caused questioning of religious dogma and beliefs.

We seem to need belief in some type of supernatural power, but many current beliefs need revision. We need to doubt current beliefs constructively and rethink their foundations. Despite its role in causing doubt in religion, science has provided tremendous improvement in human life and is urgently needed. Religion is also urgently needed by providing for ultimate concerns for explanation and meaning for existence that elude science. A paradox is that both are needed, belief and doubt of religious types of belief.

If enough people thought about this paradox and its ultimate concerns of why we are here, purpose and meaning of existence, and solutions to todays increasing problems, culture would change from emphasizing competition and aggression to cooperation and helpfulness. Leaders would emphasize values instead of popularity, politicians would emphasize constituent’s needs instead of power, educators would emphasize teaching useful information instead of indoctrinating ideas, and media would emphasize accurately reporting events instead of political opinions.

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