Views of Reality

Views of Reality

Robert Wheeler

What is the source of our existence? Is there a reason for us being here? Did God or some other divine power start and maybe still influence it? Are we just one of many universes or realities, maybe the result of extraterrestrial beings? Is what science knows about our universe all it is, nothing more? These perennial questions have dominated history and driven the development of civilization and culture forming the bases for religions and ideologies that continue today. Because of the success of these religions and ideologies, comforts, entertainment, and technologies, it is no longer popular to think about the questions of source—just use it. But civilization is now in turmoil. Crime, violence, terrorism, mental illness, possibility of global destruction are increasing, while sense of satisfaction and well-being are decreasing. We need to once again think about the source of our existence, the nature of reality, and what important is going on.

Chapter 6 of Climbing Higher introduces explanation of reality as an innate human need. Chapter 8 explores the most common view, personal reality which is our personal accepted belief. Since personal reality is known to be variable and subject to error, Chapter 10 explores the possibility of a universal ultimate reality. Recent scientific findings and personal experiences have created big questions about an ultimate reality, so Chapter 12 explores existential reality which faces the good and bad experiences in everyday life that have to be endured.  A fourth view explored in Chapter 14 is pragmatic reality which is how we deal with immediate daily situations despite personal views, beliefs, and difficulties.

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